• NOV 28 to DEC 23
    Solo Exhibition
    Julio Curieses expone “La Caverna”


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 28 to DEC 23, 2013

    Vernissage: Inauguration, Thursday, November 28 at 20:00

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    C/ Santa María, 15

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    (automatic translation)

    There will be who is only able to look at a wall of the cave, by impediment or neglect, is more, and that was capable of killing, if someone came to tell you another reality or bring you the exit of the cave. Thus already Plato told us although it tells of metaphorical form in the "allegory of the cave", before the advent of the death of Socrates, as light that could give the truth.
    is that light possesses that double function; light and produce shadows, being that this polarity there are also in the works of JULIO CURIESES, which shows both beautiful and terrible thing, mortality and life.
    your last series entitled "La Cave", comes to remind us of the blindness of those prisoners to be exposed to the light of truthas no doubt requires knowledge will the acceptance of possible worlds that surround us. So as JULIO CURIESES, through its recurrent light symbolism and metaphor about the shadow, which already imposed in his series the 1990s informalists, now comes more explicitly, using technological resources, to consider amateurish structures for common yearning for understanding of the own life.
    JULIO CURIESESIt is telecommunications engineer, he has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout his career, still highlight the most recent, as in the VIII Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Arévalo, 1st Festival of art plunged in Oviedo, or the Cosl-Art in Coslada.

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