• OCT 26 to DEC 29
    Group Exhibition
    La Mirada del Dragón


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 26 to DEC 29, 2018

    Event Location

    Two Ar Gallery

    C/ Acisclo Díaz, 7 bajo

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    • Alessandro Taiana
    • Antonio Mateos
    • Antonio Lara Luque
    • Carlos Tárdez
    • Cristóbal Pérez
    • Eduardo Millán Sañudo
    • Javier Arizabalo
    • Joan Mora
    • Jorge Pérez Parada
    • Manuel Ferrer

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    (automatic translation)

    To celebrate their first anniversary Two Art Gallery presents the exhibition "The eyes of the Dragon", a journey through the work of thirteen figurative artists with completely different aesthetic peculiarities but whose works have in common the search for the essence of reality, thus following in the wake of the teachings of Antonio López García, master of new generations and guide of realism in Spain. As the dragon, the artist has the ability to see beyond the simple appearance, is looking and that creates, the gaze, the eye that sees all, always observing the surrounding world vigilant, and in the most absolute solitude in that process of knowledge it is essential to reach a stage of total introspection. both have the virtue of analyze the world surrounding them to discarding surplus to meet the essential Forms classifying as well the reality to the point of getting to see beyond what they believe to know. In the same way that this ancient being is capable of shedding their skin rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, to achieve its objective the painter should abandon all prior knowledge acquired about the reality and begin a new journey of learning that teach how you to paint what he knows to start painting sees it, ultimately you must unlearn what they learned to look at the reality, life itself, with new, clean of any prejudice or established norm eyes. This Act of total liberation has its greatest exponent in the figure of Antonio López García, it is the first that has managed to clearly "see" the surrounding environment shaping it with such accuracy that his works they cross own the painting barrier to become containers of pure truth. In the same way, this new generation of disciples picked up each of his teachings, adapting them to their own way of understanding the painting and demonstrating that reality still has much to say, they are the inheritors of a tradition that is in constant change and evolution where we can find the works of Eduardo Millan Sañudo, Antonio Lara, Ricardo González, and Italian Alessandro Taiana, whose controlled forms are still of strictly the guidelines set by the reality, almost minimalist connotations of Antonio Mateos still lifes or those constructed from a magic light inspired by his native Cádiz Pepe Baena. Alongside these, we must also highlight the painting of a sensitive nature of Carlos Tárdez, that very personal way of understanding light of Manuel Ferrer who somehow reminds teachers of the past, the work of Cristóbal P Erez with a more expressionist concept of colors, those characters from Jorge Pérez Parada with its unique nod to the aesthetics of pop art and the paintings of Javier Arizabalo that appear to exceed the borders of the real works t perfect ecnicamente. Accompanying this new generation of painters amazing sculptures in stone Joan Mora and a series of still lifes made in bronze of Rafael Muyor, both prominent exponents of the realistic sculpture, complete the exhibition. All of them possess the powerful gaze of the dragon, that which can only be achieved after a complex process of revelation that leads them to such a level of compression where shapes and colors, lights and space deviate from all preconceived ideas from that moment life reveals the artist in a different way, with refreshed eyes, in total freedom, thus becoming the new writers of reality.

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