• NOV 04 to NOV 29
    Solo Exhibition
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    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 04 to NOV 29, 2016

    Vernissage: Inauguración, viernes 4 de noviembre a las 20:00h

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    C/ Santa María, 15

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    (automatic translation)

    In the art plastic there are at least two results, those who propose images and those who seek presences, and without any prejudice, have, obviously, different penetration in our senses. The first us back to the themes, the latter at the time being living.
    calculated disorder of this last series of Pilar Peláez we are an example of the latter, and it is not because we say it here, but because the forthrightness and simplicity with showing his works , that are more objects that pictures, have it quality of be prelude of thoughts introspective.
    that quality, is which has it own Pilar, that knows capture and recognize where is the limit of it cordura, i.e., the limit of the imbalance irreversible, so each circle, rung rope or flat is like a corner where neurons are wondering what you do here.
    if this turns into a combination of materials, which are in permanent dance, assembled with care and caution, the consequence is that constant presence with which we are, not only in every glance , but also in every contact with the space we occupy.
    Pilar Peláez has already hefty career, his graphic work is located in the Spanish national Chalcography or the national library. It was first engraved medal at the Salon d'Automne in 1992 and honorable mention by the Ayuntamiento de Madrid in 1995.
    in 2004 the Diputación de Cuenca held a retrospective exhibition of his work, and he has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and art fairs still noteworthy; The Estampa fair in Madrid, the Oasis in Osaka, or the Stockholm fair Sthlm. Thus, their participation in the Festival "Art submerged" held in Oviedo in 2005, or the international traveling "body, the flesh and the soul", in journey from 2008 to 2012, by Spain, Italy and France was also remarkable. He has exhibited individually in galleries as catharsis in Madrid, Texu in Oviedo, pictogram in Castellón, etc.

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