• MAR 13 to MAR 15
    Solo Exhibition
    L'Air du Temps de Andrea Gómez


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists
    • Contemporary
    • Prints & Works on Paper

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 13 to MAR 15, 2014

    11:00 to 20 h

    Vernissage: 12 March at 19:00 h

    Event Location

    me & the curiosity

    Calle Enrique Granados 97

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    (automatic translation)

    "L'Air du Temps" is the first solo exhibition of Andrea Gómez in me & the curiosity. As of March 12, and only for 4 days, you can visit the exhibition in a local of Calle Enrique Granados 97 of Barcelona. L'Air du Temps, Andrea Gómez brings together a selection of drawings on paper and sculpture that the artist has developed recently, and they are fruit of its research on two issues: on the one hand, the history of writing and its evolution in the age of digital culture; and secondly, the intersection between scientific knowledge and magic. The first of these lines of reflection takes shape in a collection of works that have as main element the representation of links, as well as words and elements extracted from computer and office language (such as start, options, quit,...). It is a language which the viewer recognizes as its own a digital context, and that appeals to actions that we can only carry out if we have a computer tool (such as click, press the Enter key or move the cursor). The artist, however, in a gesture to evoke the role of writing, having as reference the Egyptian funerary culture, plays these elements on minerals, semi-precious stones and paper; stands that resists the impulse to be activated digitally, and that evidence of the tension generated by the difficulty of reconciling analogue and the object with the dematerialization of information in the Internet era. The other line of research, focused on the area of intersection between scientific discourse and magic, between the biological and spiritual, through the rest of works in the exhibition, which also reflects the artist's interest by the language of the symbol as a visual representation of something invisible. In this group of works we find three large size drawings (which are remakes of previous drawings of small format); a pamphlet on paper which refers to waves, unseen forces and materiality; a series of sculptures with binomials of words such as God-man, body/soul, death physical/spiritual death; and a drawing on a pink background depicting a phrase from the English ethologist Desmond Morris. There is a willingness to reflect on how new technologies have redefined the essence of our communication in L'Air du Temps and form as we access to knowledge, as well as some intention to reflect the "spirit of the times" (l'air du temps), in which prevails the fragmentary culture, and in which the knowledge is often constructed from the superficial and the multiple

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