• MAY 23 to JUN 28
    Solo Exhibition
    Laura Iniesta


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 23 to JUN 28, 2013

    Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 and from 17:30 to 21 Saturday from 11 to 14 and 18 to 21

    Vernissage: 23 May 2013, to 20hs

    Event Location

    Alba Cabrera

    C/ Felix Pizcueta 20 bajo 46004 Valencia, España

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    By way of introduction I advance a piece of criticism about his work, done by Ramon Casal, a member of the International Association of Art Critics.   Laura Iniesta .... "The abstraction at its most aesthetic purity."   The path that has led her to develop this vision expressionist staff has been through a long and careful study on the matter, color, gesture, and space stain, or what is the same, the foundation of Expressionism - the fact that he worked for a decade in Colombia and Ecuador to the 80s, he has provided us another way to see the light, color, shape and especially learn about ancient traditions very different from the Mediterranean culture, fusing both as can be seen in his work. To go even further, and also notes the existence of elements related to Eastern aesthetics - as calligraphy and certain gesture-signs, though she attributed to random, due to any preconceived ideas. Actually that's not entirely true, because it has always felt a great admiration and respect for Zen philosophy and Japanese and Chinese art. He recently exhibited his work in the Chinese city of Shanghai, where he has also made ??huge murals that have gained recognition from the public and critics. Coming soon will open two murals in the International Business School China Europe, the Pritzker Prize architect, Leon Ming Pei.   Theirs is a painting open, free and expressive, in which flow innumerable aspects of the daily activity. Although not observed at first sight, are present in some way, either by a stain, of a stroke, a collage, a color, a handwriting or simply a line that crosses the space .... ..

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