• JUN 03 to JUL 26
    Solo Exhibition
    Life in motion, de Christian Voigt


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    JUN 03 to JUL 26, 2017

    Vernissage: June 3rd. 12:00

    Event Location

    Galería Lucía Mendoza

    c/Barbara de Braganza 10

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    • Christian Voigt


    One of the elements that most precisely characterises life is movement. The natural passage of time already implies that movement. Christian Voigt portrays life, what he finds, what finds him, while he travels through it.

    The energy of life varies in its rhythm.

    Through this selection of images we have tried to reveal a very particular tempo, the one imposed by the eye of Christian Voigt, leading us unintentionally through that transcendent flow.

    There is a movement, or activity that is intrinsic to life and therefore also to human being and the world around him, to nature.

    Our intention is to show, to proof an increasing rhythm.

    From the most reflective stillness, in which the movement, whether spiritual or mental, is unquestionable even if it is not in its physical dimension - even understanding it as an absence of it or as an intangible concept.

    We will go through those works in which the movement appears to us finished. While in others we are aware that it is happening while we look at it even if we do not perceive it.

    There are moments when energy flows in a state of continuity. And then, step by step we face moments of frenetic activity in which the hustle and bustle of life surrounds us.

    Now available: Catalog edited on the ocassion of the exhibition. It contains a text by Franscisco Carpio, curator and art critic of ABC Cultural.

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