• OCT 04 to NOV 09
    Solo Exhibition
    Lilah Fowler - Passage and pair


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 04 to NOV 09, 2013

    Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm Saturday 11am - 3pm Or by appointment

    Event Location

    Maria Stenfors

    Unit 10, 21 Wren Street, WC1X 0HF
    United Kingdom

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    • Lilah Fowler


    Just as reading a text is a journey from start to finish, the reading of an artwork and exhibition is dictated by the same process. Lilah Fowler's exhibition invites us to explore our relationship to space and our experience of it, the passage of moving through a physical space and experiencing its proportions and elements. Separate elements are disassociated from their original context, creating an unexpected pairing of matter and material. The forced arrangement of space rendering the familiar unfamiliar.

    Mathematically, they play with the artist's familiarity of the space, being a whole divided into a half and then a quarter, becoming a geometrical way of viewing spatial form. This is also repeated in the floor arrangements, thus becoming structures like the architectural landscape, reminding us of patterns, designs and plans for living spaces, but also the materials and components that make them up. A perpetual pairing of object and thought. The story is in the telling.

    Maria Stenfors is excited to present its first solo exhibition with London based artist Lilah Fowler. Fowler presents new works and installations in the gallery, reconfiguring the gallery space and our perception of that space. Broadly referencing modernist and brutalist architecture and the UK housing systems such as in Camden Council, where the gallery is located but also where the artist lives and works. Fowler's research expands across a magnitude of planning design concepts and here Albert Frey is worth mentioning as his colour scheme is resonant in the exhibition. Each unique site that Fowler intervenes in creates new responses and these factors and variants are key, and the intervention at Maria Stenfors is welcomed with excitement.

    Lilah Fowler (b. 1981) graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2008. Recent exhibitions include 'Circles, props and edges' at Siobhan Davies Studios, London 'Band' at Space in Between, London, and 'in time' at Corn Exchange Gallery, Edinburgh.

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