• APR 20
    LOWCYCLE#5: Grosgoroth + Church Of Whatever


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    APR 20, 2013


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    Lowcycle fifth screen!
    After playing for intricate mazes square wave sound, white landscapes of the Russian steppe, a small fruit jungle populated with wildlife friendly Marseille, North craters Saturn saturated depths sharp echo machines and their drones, rhythms slums dark, fire and frantic movements dreadlocks. Comes the night of fantasy, magic and spirituality of the products 'All one hundred'!
    Sage appears Grosgoroth, a pixel-human creature born arcade forests where birds sing songs in 8bit. Orcs, Trolls and Gnomes cry for freedom while a white bearded magician performs his spells from two synthesizers controlled by a gameboy. And then exudes a kind of chaotic and delicious electropop, with auto-tune vocals, space junk and chiptunes ... A real decontrol: punk mutant children.
    After Church Of Whatever debut of the new band formed by Entter audiovisual (ex Wiggle) and Hiss, bleep-techno producer. Since the days of the saints and miracle that ever sailed on rafts of stone, no one is known, outside of them, except the water scorpion and gnats, which is able to use the surface of Hertzian waves projected audiovisual the audience as a solid floor. And, they claim themselves to proclaim supreme Guru cult organization must be a good person, cynics are not worth the trade.
    High doses of hope burning in potatoes pixelated visuals, theater, liturgies, chiptunes for corporate videos tube and sects of the Fifth Sun. But above all and foremost a very fat megaparty, heating will begin operation buttocks that bikini on the dance floor.
    If you do not understand that this is all about, do not worry, neither do we. Nah, seriously, check the links.y vente.

    We wait.

    Yeah man!

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