• MAY 18 to JUN 29
    Solo Exhibition
    M ELANIE BOSBOOM play of a ppearance s


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 18 to JUN 29, 2013

    Jue-Sáb 11-18 y con cita previa + 31 (0) 20 753 09 64

    Vernissage: 18 May, 15:00 - 19:00 hrs

    Event Location

    C&H Art Space

    2de Kostverlorenkade 50

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    C&H art space is proud to announce "play of appearances", a solo exhibition by Melanie Bosboom. For this solo exhibition Melanie Bosboom shows her recent photography series. Looking her work it's easy to find out her interest for the human figure, its representation and the relationship between the figure and the space. Despite in this photography series she uses herself as a model, her work is not about her as a person. There's a lot more than that. Her body, her figure is an attribute to the image to create. An important element for the image creation is her studio: a private, intimate and safe place where the artist can work alone, undisturbed; a place where she can explore her imagination and express her dreams. In this photography series Melanie Bosboom plays with the viewer: she's not a woman, she's not a man and she uses dresses and clothes to camouflage herself. She takes the viewer into a playful world built by her fantasy where there isn't a right or wrong.

    There is actually no image recognizable completely of the woman. Her characters are often covered with layers and layers of clothing, or hidden beneath coats, or in front of mirrors. Hiding and masking allows her to assume multiple identities in unusual circumstances and to play with ambiguities and contradictions. These two things fascinate her, especially the combination of them. What makes something male or female?

    How can an image provocative and challenging being at the same time vulnerable and fragile? Melanie Bosboom defines her works as a 'play in progress': she doesn't plan to build up a specific environment but she arranges the objects creating a working in progress collage until they became fully integrated with her.  What she obtains in the end is a space randomly arranged with any kind of objects. Working with the objects and the attributes in her studio, the picture gets the expressiveness she is looking for.

    Making use of well-known objects but leaving enough space to understand them, she provokes and encourages the viewer to take an active role in it and to discover new layers in the work. The result is a world full of details and layers of meaning that leaves the viewer with questions and makes the discovery process continue.

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