• FEB 06 to MAY 19
    Group Exhibition
    Maestros del caos. Artistas y Chamanes


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 06 to MAY 19, 2013

    De lunes a domingo, de 10 a 20 h

    Event Location

    CaixaForum Madrid



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    Masters of Chaos" is an exhibition that speaks of the opposing forces and their intermediaries, since antiquity to contemporary art, vie for the world. There are many traditions that reflect the inevitable and endless struggle between order and chaos and show that the tension between these forces is essential to the balance of the universe and continuity.

    The works can be seen in this exhibition show the decisive place occupies chaos in many cultures and how the figures of disorder are in the pantheon of our beliefs.

    The sections of the exhibition show us that explain the myths and the rituals performed, and lead us from the sacred to the profane, as a journey of exploration. Alongside religious rites and sacred dimension, the holidays are the other half, most profane, allowing the wildness of the transgressive impulses through the phenomenon of catharsis. Bacchanalia, covens carnivals and social investment are moments where the burlesque and laughter are profane responses to the established order.

    Objects, costumes and performances from large anthropological and ethnographic collections will be exhibited alongside pieces and installations by contemporary artists. His presence makes clear that ancestral issues explored in the exhibition still inspire today's great artists whose work addresses the issues inherent in human consciousness.

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