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    Meaning of the 10 Weapons of Goddess Durga


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    AUG 22, 2017

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    Unquestionably, Goddess Durga is one of the most admired forms of worship in the Hindu religion. Also known as the ultimate form of Shakti, the goddess is known for her ultimate powers which are capable of shaking the all the three worlds. Popularly addressed as Maa (Mother), goddess Durga is identified as someone who blesses her devotees while protecting them from every possible hardship. She is ferocious to the devils but is extremely kind and gracious towards her disciples.

    In almost every Durga painting, the goddess is shown with ten arms. These ten arms signify that the goddess is always there to protect her devotees from all the eight corners along with the earth and the sky. Each hand of the goddess holds a particular weapon which is there for a very specific reason. This blog will throw some light on the symbolism of these weapons.


    As lotus blossoms in the slushy waters, it denotes the beautiful message of the way an individual should lead his/her life. The compassion of the goddess will enable her devotees to rise from their deepest troubles to achieve liberation.


    Conch is symbolic of the primeval sound of ‘AUM’ which is believed to be the centre from which the entire universe has emerged. And as the goddess is considered as the very creator of all creations, so she holds the conch in one of her hands.


    The revolving discuss around her finger is evident of the fact that she is the centre of creation and the entire cosmos orbit around her.

    Trishul (Trident):

    The three piercing ends of trishul signifies the three main qualities that humans are composed of. The trishul in one of her hands symbolises that an individual should lead his/her life by controlling these qualities.


    The sword represents intellect and teaches humans to utilise their wisdom in order to curb pessimism.


    It directs individuals to display faithfulness, love and devotion towards the goddess.

    Bow and arrow:

    The bow and arrow represent energies. The bow is symbolic of potential energy while arrow represents kinetic energy.


    In Goddess Durga painting, the snake represents the movement of consciousness towards the higher state of being.


    It is symbolic of the wisdom which is necessary to enjoy the benefits of worldly materials as well as knowing the path to attain spirituality.


    It indicates the determination with which an individual should chase the ultimate aim of his/her life.

    Aforementioned are the meanings of ten weapons which are displayed in Durga paintings. The goddess teaches the way of living while imparting the knowledge of attaining the ultimate goals without causing damage to others.

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