• MAY 11 to JUL 01
    Solo Exhibition


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    • Emerging Artists
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 11 to JUL 01, 2017

    Event Location

    Mirat & Co

    C/Blanca de Navarra 8


    • Luis Olaso


    MEDOUSA is Luis Olaso’s first solo exhibition in Madrid.

    Medusa (from ancient Greek ??????? Médousa, guardian, protector) was a feminine chthonian monster that turned everyone who looked at her into stone. From Sigmund Freud’s critiques of the figure of Medusa, with his article Das Medusenhaupt (Medusa’s head), to the feminists of the early twentieth century, interpretations of the story of Medusa have been plentiful and diverse. In art and fashion, she has been immortalized as the symbol of power and wisdom.

    This exhibition’s leit motif is the human face, capable of defining the soul’s identity, in both its absence (in the paintings) and its presence (in the mannequins).

    The artist’s intention is to reflect upon the power of the human face; from religious imaginary to modern advertising, the face is a potent reference. Luis Olaso’s bodies, mainly feminine, are portrayed without head. This absence doesn’t create a less dramatic effect or deny the pieces identity, but highlights that portraits are linked to the human interior in a higher level than just appearance or morphology.

    The installation’s proposal ‘Woman without name, dialogue’ is supported by the emotional anesthesia of pop art (demonstrated through the use of mannequins, stereotypically impersonal and a symbol of consumption) and corrupt it through an invasion of personal and expressive character. The installation consists of two principal elements. The oil painting is marked by an expressive character which shows a feminine body robbed of its most defining feature: the face. On the other hand, the mannequins have faces but are expressionless.

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