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    Mesa Redonda y proyección documental. Imagen y Guerra


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    FEB 22, 2013

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    Arts Santa Mónica

    La Rambla 7

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    Activity related to the exhibition The War Correspondent’s Archive. Plàcid Garcia-Planas Collection | Open through February 23, 2013

    Round table discussion with Guillermo Cervera, freelance photographer; Antonio Monegal, Chair of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at UPF and exhibition curator; Ricard Mas, curator of this exhibition, historian and art critic; and Plàcid Garcia-Planas, journalist, war correspondent and collector.

    Projection of the documentary Welcome to the Real World about the world’s largest arms exhibition, Eurosatory, directed by Lalo García and Txell Sabartés and produced by Voodoo Productions, S.L. + P.C. This arms exhibition attracts governments, armies, traffickers, spies and other professionals seeking information or looking to buy and sell arms. The documentary seeks to transmit the sensations, impressions and contradictions felt by visitors who are not involved in the defence industry.
    Documentary synopsis:
    Welcome to the Real World | 7:30 min. | Full HD
    Directed by: Lalo García and Txell Sabartés.
    Produced by: Voodoo Productions, S.L. + P.C. Ewe, S.L.
    Aside from an exterior, these portraits offer up the reflection of an internal reality. The scars of suffering, fear and pride in a gaze, what has been said or held back, and the wrinkles of experience. This film paints a portrait of the 2012 edition of Eurosatory, one of the most important arms exhibitions in the world, held biennially in Paris.
    Just like any other exhibition, Eurosatory houses the newest developments in the industry. It is an industry that moves figures in the billions all over the world.
    This gaze, occasionally ironic and sometimes pure poetry, shows us the reality of a public forum for the global arms trade.
    At the exhibition, governments and armies, and other collectives, glean information, are surprised and impressed, and buy and sell...armament. This is their portrait.
    Participants in the round table discussion:
    Plàcid Garcia-Planas:
    Journalist, reporter and war correspondent for La Vanguardia from 1988 until the present. Over the years, he has collected objects that depict the reality of warfare and recall the historic events that he has witnessed. Over the past 25 years, Plàcid Garcia-Planas has seen a large number of armed conflicts. The first historical event he witnessed was the burial of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran (1988). From that point on he was a first-hand testimony to the fall of the Berlin wall (1989), the invasion of Kuwait by the Iraqis led by Saddam Hussein (1990), the Slovenian declaration of independence from Yugoslavia (1991), the Balkan wars in Croatia (1991-95), Bosnia (1992-95) and Kosovo (1999), the North American invasion of Iraq (2003) or the Civil War in Libya, which sparked the Arab Spring and led to the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

    Guillermo Cervera: Freelance photographer. He has covered a large number of armed conflicts in recent years, from the war in Bosnia (1993) to the Arab Spring. His photographs have been published in prestigious magazines and newspapers including Marie Claire, The Guardian, Paris Match, La Vanguardia, ABC and El Mundo.

    Antonio Monegal: Chair of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at Pompeu Fabra University. President of the Executive Committee of the Barcelona Council of Culture. He served as coordinator for the compilation Política y (po)ética de las imágenes de guerra (Barcelona, Paidós, 2007). In 2004, he was co-curator of the CCCB exhibition, En guerra [At War], with Francesc Torres and José María Ridao.

    Ricard Mas: Historian and art critic. He specializes in the historical avant-garde, the art market and counterfeiting, the life and work of Salvador Dalí and the history of video games. His publications include Dossier Marinetti, Els artistes catalans i la publicitat 1888-1929, and Univers Dalí, among others. He served as curator for the exhibitions L’art de falsificar, Èczema. Del textualisme a la postmodernitat, Dalí. Una vida de llibre, Tres mestres del videojoc, and Cadaqués de Picasso. He is a regular contributor to El Temps and Time Out.

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