• JUN 07 to SEP 11
    MILLE KALSMOSE EN BUSCA DE UNA MADRE  En colaboración con Alberto García-Alix


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    Dates and Opening hours

    JUN 07 to SEP 11, 2013

    Event Location

    La Virreina Centre de la Imatge

    La Rambla, 99

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    From 7 June to 11 September 2013, La Virreina Image Centre is putting on Searching for a Mother, a photoinstallation by Mille Kalsmose created in collaboration with Alberto García-Alix.

    The project revolves around the ideal relationship between a mother and a daughter. This relationship is a common bond which, in one way or another, occupies or has occupied considerable mental or physical space within the lives of all humans, regardless of cultural customs, whether because of the presence or absence of such relations.

    The photoinstallation explores the concept of family and the construction of personal identity – recurring themes in the artist’s work – and focuses on perceptions of the link between mother and daughter in our society: What is it that makes this specific relationship so crucial? And can such a relationship be established when you don’t share flesh and blood with the other person, but merely because you want it?

    Searching for a Mother is based on Mille Kalsmose’s personal experience. She appears in the photographs alongside another woman who plays the role of mother. Many years after her own mother committed suicide, the artist is now in the process of applying to be legally adopted. She and her new mother pose together as if they were mother and daughter in real life. This visual storytelling is captured by photographer Alberto García-Alix in original black-and-white portraits in which they imitate other mothers and daughters at home as they seek to tell the story of a real-life mother and daughter.

    In this artistic intervention, Mille Kalsmose consciously attempts to use the mediated family production of the ideal mother-daughter relationship as a goal and a path to seek happiness, and in that way to focus on what, for many, is perceived as a “natural” relationship: that between a mother and a daughter.

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