• No hay más poesía que la acción


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    APR 12 to APR 13, 2013

    Event Location

    Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía MNCARS

    52 Santa Isabel Street

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    The new direction taken by political and social happenings in recent years has once again made public space an excellent place for manifestations by the community. In contrast with the situation during the last third of the 20th century, dissident action does not avoid urban spectacularization, hiding in private or clandestine spheres. Instead it transforms and is shown in public space. This seminar explores the use of “theatrical” gestures, behaviours and performances in social space for the purpose of expressing disagreement and dissidence, and it also examines the way that today's art, specifically theatre, has taken in and dialogued with these non-artistic theatricalities.

    The possibility of art that is effective in the public sphere involves recognition of the art and poetics present in “real” actions, posits this seminar. Expressing this necessity, at the end of Poeta delle ceneri (1966-67), Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote: The actions of life alone will be communicated, and these will be poetry, because, I say it again, there is no other poetry than true action. Unlike other artists from the same generation, who generally leaned towards a dissolving of artistic practice in life, the interests of the author of Scritti corsari focused on the practice of a poetry as real as the actions of life. This perspective, which remains relevant in our day, entails recognition of forms of poetry, art and cinema that continue to be autonomous but that speak the same “language” of reality.

    In the context of this seminar the term “action” does not refer to gestures that make a direct or explicit intervention, but rather to the hybrid methods situated in the confluence between visual and performing arts (mainly from the 1950s and 1960s onwards) and characterized by an expanded practice that avoids self-referentiality. We are talking about practices that have left the theatre building, and also those practices the driving force of which is reality.

    There is no other poetry than action aims to discuss - from the vantage point of artistic practice (with Rabih Mroué, Rolf Abderhalden and Héctor Bourges) and from the perspective of research (with Maaike Bleeker, Adrian Heathfield, Simon Bayly, Leire Vergara, Jordi Claramonte and Ana Vujanovic) - the specificity of contemporary stage practices, the questions arising from such practices and the theoretical tools we can use to think about them.

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