• MAR 09 to APR 04
    Solo Exhibition
    Nueva Exposición de Sergio Ramírez en Art Room de Madrid


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 09 to APR 04, 2017

    Vernissage: Inauguración, jueves 9 de marzo a las 20:00h.

    Event Location


    C/ Santa María, 15

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    • Sergio Ramírez


    (automatic translation)

    Inauguration, Thursday, March 9 at 20:00.

    In a world full of images, surprises that some are capable of remain in our retina more beyond of ones seconds, and if this occurs, usually happen that are them corresponding to images that not dan all the information visual of form instant and complete, but the observer unconsciously elaborates a noesis for end of give content to this image. For example, this occurs when we are in front of a bronze sculpture of antiquity or before a silhouette of the 18th century, as the intellective apparatus tends to fill the visual information that is denied in principle.
    this same quality is that seeks the last series of the work of Sergio Ramírez , through strong materials, where he dabbles in give concise and Immaculate, forms that also involve a high degree of technical perfection, is so determined to leave parts of the image, not explained, so observant, complete them even creating some concern if it is not resolved promptly, which is often the case.

    This search result of dual appearance between the forcefulness and the expectation of suggested, is the same that conceptually explore between the stronger and more resistant materials such as iron or wood and the counterweight of the expression of transience representing its subjects in much of his work.

    SERGIO RAMÍREZ has participated in several collective exhibitions in places such as the Montalbán (Madrid), Kinokuniya (Tokyo) Gallery, Gallery or Gallery Jorge Ontiveros (Madrid). And developed exhibition individual in the Gallery Montalbán, Gallery Orfila, Platike Art Gallery, in 2015 already was in Art Room and now present their new series.

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