• JUN 15
    OCUPACIÓN POÉTICA Arte y nuevas tecnologías


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    Dates and Opening hours

    JUN 15, 2013

    Event Location

    Matadero Madrid

    Plaza de Legazpi, 8.

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    A project of Carlos Contreras and Juan Carlos Ibáñez and Elvira Angulo.

    "Occupation poetic is a project born from the union between art and new technologies. Poetic We occupy with audiovisual files there are uninhabitable space in all the fields or, put another way, the non-places that are in all places."

    You can fill with sound and visual files inhabitable space that is in all the fields or, put another way, there are places not everywhere?
    Augmented reality allows content geotag specific coordinates. Accessing the Internet through mobile devices such as smartphones, you can find and play these files, provided you are within your range. Occupation poetic turns readers into active visitors to sites operated poetically.

    This non-invasive procedure first joins literary space, music and dramatic reading, and is spread over different parts of the district of Arganzuela. Streets, parks and squares, the environment and Madrid Matadero Madrid Rio, all Arganzuela district schools, businesses, public and private spaces. Promoting the idea of ??anti-guide, may discover a number of audio-poems, in an attempt to offer residents and walkers a new way to tour this piece of the city.

    How does it work?
    To access the contents of Occupancy poetic LAYAR* must download the application by clicking on the link below, and you can contribute content.

    Intermediae invites poets, musicians, educators and anyone interested to submit proposals to continue this occupation poetic Legazpi and other neighborhoods in the city. The contributions will be added to this initial intervention proposed by Carlos Contreras and Juan Carlos Ibáñez Elvira Angulo.

    Occupation poetic is an initiative devised in 2010 by Juan Carlos Ibáñez cultural agitator Angulo and coordinated by writer Carlos Contreras Elvira. It currently has more than two thousand speeches in twenty countries on five continents.
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