• JAN 11 to FEB 09
    Solo Exhibition
    Once Upon a Time


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 11 to FEB 09, 2013

    Tuesday - Saturday, from 3pm to 8pm

    Vernissage: 10 January 2013 to 22.00

    Event Location

    Appleton Square


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    "Once upon a time" is a travel diary, a tale of stories of mislaid events of mis-encounters, desires and memories. It refers to the nuances of the transitory expressions of a path to landless roots that are here yet are from there. 
    Monica de Miranda

    Once Upon a Time is an investigation project that includes the artistic production and creation of a series of exhibitions that are the result of a process of research and artistic residencies developed over the past two years in various geographic locations linked to the artist's biography. The project is defined within the visual arts, film, video, photography, installation and performance. The curator of the Once Upon a Time exhibition project is Gabriela Salgado.

    The artist starts out from her own biography so as to carry out a series of artistic strategies that reflect her "place" and the stories and experiences of these places. In this territory of subjectivity, home is a metaphor for identity and it becomes a shifting paradigm where the journey of the self is essentially a constant attempt to belong and it becomes an exercise in mapping her own emotional geography. Monica works with her own personal and emotional archaeologies, which she represents through fictional expressions that are recreated from the documentary and the subjective. Once Upon a Time is a journey told in several chapters by means of the territories of memory, representation and belonging. The experience of the diaspora emerges in the project as the experience of the simultaneous nature of time and of nearby and distant places that criss-cross one another.

    Once upon a time is a project that seeks to build bridges between different cultural realities and places portrayed through the video and photography album as a personal journal and a family archive. The concept of place will be addressed in the form of an emotional architecture of the personal spaces of the houses and family stories of the artist. House here will be perceived not as a fixed place but related instead to a mental or emotional state of refuge and belonging, which is constructed in suspended time and spaces with multiple senses of belonging. Moreover, house is a place here that triggers self-reflection and personal catharsis. The artist will reinvent these narratives and emotional geographies through her subjective archaeologies. The route that the artist will build through this project is defined from the points of departure and arrival of her own experience of diaspora, immigration and travel places. There is a re-collection concerning the idea of a collective memory, intended as the site of competing narratives that the artist re-interprets and reinvents to construct images of her present and future.

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