• MAY 22 to MAY 26
    Art Festival
    Open Studio 2013


    • Art Festival
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 22 to MAY 26, 2013

    Event Location

    Open Studio

    Vences y Amunarriz S.L C/ Sánchez Bustillo, 7 bajo izquierda 28012 Madrid

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    OPEN STUDIO is an annual event, essentially created for the promotion and dissemination of plastic arts, and with the following objectives:

    1. To round off the cultural and artistic assets of Madrid and Spain.

    2. To create a new tool to raise public awareness of contemporary art and to bring the world of contemporary art closer to the public, thus making culture more accessible through art, free of charge and in an approachable way.

    3. To give artists, whether up-and-coming or well established, the opportunity to show their artwork, how they work and their environment in an accessible way.

    4. To promote and disseminate the artists’ work in the media, among the public and professionals, both nationally and internationally.

    5. To raise the international profile of Spanish art, boosting and promoting it worldwide.

    6. To open up new channels of communication and collaboration; OPEN STUDIO is an inclusive project that aims to create a working community and networks both within and outside of our own country.

    7. To collaborate in the promotion of the market, creating a medium-term complementary marketing channel.

    During OPEN STUDIO 2012, held from 4 to 7 October, 38 studios opened their doors all at once, involving 79 artists of 11 different nationalities.

    Over 6,000 people attended this cultural event over the course of the four days. In addition to the activities carried out in the various studios and proposed by the artists themselves, such as talks and seminars, presentations of artwork and live concerts, numerous off-site activities were organised: Open Storages, with the participation of institutes such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo de la Comunidad de Madrid, the Museo del traje and the Museo ABC; and the Education Programme, sponsored by the Fundación Banco Santander, which ran workshops and guided tours of different studios for both children and adults.

    Following the success of the first event, preparations for OPEN STUDIO 2013 are now under way, with the event due to take place in Madrid from 22 to 26 May.

    OPEN STUDIO seeks to help generate and establish a new heritage, to promote contemporary artistic creation and foster artistic and cultural education. This year, the international and educational programmes will be extended and new proposals and activities will be developed.

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