• APR 20 to JUN 16
    Group Exhibition
    Opening Reception April 20th, 2013 7pm-10pm for Alan Neider: Painting+Drawing+Light


    • Group Exhibition

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 20 to JUN 16, 2013

    Event Location

    Chartier An Arts Venue

    35 Elizabeth Street, Derby CT
    New Haven
    United States

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    • Alan Neider
    • Ashleigh Kay
    • Guinevere Freccia


    Chartier An Arts Venue is pleased to announce our Opening Reception for featured artist Alan Neider: Painting + Drawing + Light Saturday, April 20th from 7pm – 10pm.

    The exhibition will also include Ashleigh Kay’s series Chromaphilia and photographer Gunievere Freccia’s series Almita, Cisplatin and Avastin.


    Throughout his career as an artist Alan Neider has created two and three-dimensional objects and textural surfaces in order to paint on and into them. These objects include lamps, curtains, chairs, as well as completely non-objective forms. This exhibition, consisting of Paintings, Drawings and Light Works, serves to show his continuing interest in utilizing a wide variety of materials, surfaces and conceptual ideas in which to ‘paint’.

    CHROMAPHILIA: Ashleigh Kay
    Kay’s newest work is about her obsessive love for color. Her abstract canvases play with patterning and layers finding influence in pop culture: music, movies, fashion, social media & literature. Kay plays up the things that she finds intriguing, a reflection on the contemporary, the here and now and the things that surround us.

    ALMITA, CISPLATIN & AVASTIN: Gunievere Freccia

    In January 2011 Freccia’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her mother’s illness has become a large part of Freccia’s life over the last year. Creating radiographs (x-rays) as her medium she uses flowers, fruits and vegetables to represent new life and growth, symbolizing the cancer diminishing in her mother’s body. Almita, Cisplatin and Avastin represents the ultimate termination of her mother’s chemo treatments and the hope that she will make a full recovery and will become strong and healthy. Freccia’s photo series will be accompanied by her stop motion video made from x-rays. 

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