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    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    DEC 05, 2012

    Monday to Friday: 17.30-21. 00 h / Saturday: 11.00-14. 00 h outside these hours by appointment

    Event Location

    Ángeles Baños

    Plaza de los Alféreces 11, 06005, Badajoz. España.

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    «- Do you mind if I turn on the radio?
    - Yes I do as a matter of fact. I do not like outside influences.
    - Outside?
    - That?s right. The world at large is a nasty place. Why allow it in? Livestock reports. Navajo chants. Beheadings. Bestiality. Nothing has changed. The Black Death. The Inquisition. The Crusades. The Conquest of Mexico. What has changed?»

    1.49? Don´t come knocking. Wim Wenders, 2005

    Divided and exceeded -two parts are more than one-, the exhibition ORA TORIA ORA DIBUJO * 1/2 and ORA TORIA ORA DIBUJO 2/2 presents the way in which the place of the «one» is out of joint. The exhibition is therefore double.

    The whole takes as its subject the mass media. Split between reality and fiction, between the traditional and the transgressive, between the pictorial image and the digital, between distance and closeness, past and future, current and obsolete, manual and industrial, series and original, the transcendent and the anecdotal... Contraction and double vision in the media sense, in which the old message (objective, scientific, and unidirectional) is presented as displaced. In the approach, the anecdotal is a plus, a bonus, something that is revealed as uncomfortable for the one -way flow of information. From the authority of the media discourse there only remain -as seen in the works of DANIEL MARTÍN CORONA- digitized trails and designated places for skepticism. A voice, which empty and meaningless, in so far as is repeated in behaviour, becomes the bearer of another thing

    Through humor -serious and contradictory in these current artworks- the media message is disrupted in the permanent excess or lack, of everyday life. Computer graphics, signage, graphics or languages that say more or less than they should. In this sense: signs of life. The title of the show -double or divided between the ÁNGELES BAÑOS GALLERY and the JOSÉ ROBLES GALLERY, who are simultaneous promoters of the show´s effect-, condenses, with irony, several unfoldings. The distributive conjunction implies the two activities in question; both are happening now. One is complete and is occuring -the drawing- the other must fail to be understood or to sound. Instead of the one-way message, the murmur appears, sounds that are confused, a homophony. A new and double meaning for the same signifier, immaterial, in a doubling of the sound. This sonority, so present in the title, is contrasted with the silence of the entirety of the works. Paradoxical silence, in which the information to be transmitted is replaced by the surprise of its possibility as an image, making it resound again in many ways. Videos with the diverse voices of contemporary society open a series of large drawings with the tracing extracted from the hand movements of the speakers. As simultaneous translations, the drawings, -i.e., the gestures, the body- sustain the multiple ambivalence between two worlds: the hand-drawn pixel. The author realizes -while also shifting, multiplying, unfolding his authorship with regard to these drawings- that things happen on the computer screen and that this, touch, can also be used from the other side. Transparency -far also from providing a single, clear meaning- allows the screen and a watercolor to be confused. A media with another medium. The words are re-ordered and re-situated with the same variability as a pixel, as an element, forms images. Like magnets, they warn of their provisional status, their soon to come tendency to generate sense, the possibility of some other way of approaching things. «Poles of language», close and different, tend to be adhered to, similar, they keep each other at a distance while sharing an identity. Metonymy and displacement, substitution and metaphor...

    The pieces of this series -along with the rest of those which shape this double exhibition- are an overview of duplicate disciplines in which, from one medium to another, from one time to another, from one place to another, meanings transfer. The message has long ceased to matter, the medium is emancipated, the reference is lost. The sign refers to itself. Significant and medium are ghosts, they tell themselves. The capacity of words to have two, three, half or no sense, reveals the dislocation of language, its own division, the difficulty of adhering to a single meaning. Between one of its possible meanings and another, an exhibition can be set up, or a book can be written. «One divides into two»: options, combinatories and possibilities, a space in vibration. Visual and plastic extra-documents in which past, present and future live together through the word and its omission and in which the image -affected by the same body divided by the language- emphasizes the difference and displaces the instrumentalized sense. Emancipated media, that unfolds dematerialized and becomes autonomous, stressing the link, the structure of the construction, the permanent connection, the concurrent nature of the image of reality and the virtual effect that sustainsthat same reality. The insight of DANIEL MARTÍN CORONA is to open the way to the game of things, between their selfhood and their difference, between their set character and the abstraction of their rules, between what they are and what can be made up between them.

    * "ORA TORIA ORA DIBUJO" is difficult to be translate. The meaning, on the ear, is "NOW ORATORY NOW DRAWING", but is constructed with one word "ORA", that works with two meanings, as a conjuntion NOW, and as the beguining of the next word ?TORIA? (wich no sense in Spanish). Together mean "ORATORY".


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