• SEP 25 to NOV 07
    Solo Exhibition
    'Osama' KEPA GARRAZA


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 25 to NOV 07, 2015

    Event Location

    Combustión Espontánea Art Gallery

    Colmenares 11

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    Is it truth or fiction? How realistic are the images that we find on everyday newspapers or TV? Can we safely say that they’re not purposely hiding away information from us? Everything we see on the media, we state it as true. Retouched images look real, altered information looks like actual facts. The artist Kepa Garraza intends to make us ponder about this type of question, using one of the most relevant issues on the media nowadays; the different points of view on Osama Bin Laden’s death and its consequences. He puts Osama Bin Laden’s figure into context, analyzing the chronicles of his own death, beginning with the pact he had with the CIA during the Afghanistan War, against the URSS. After the War, and right after one of Americas’ attempts to exploit and take over Iraqi territories, Osama Bin Laden broke all his ties with the Great World Power and formed Al Qaeda, a formation that will try to fight the EEUU and anyone with similar ideologies. This group has presumably organized and financed attacks all over the world, amongst them, the Twin Tower Bombings, on the 11th September 2001. Until what point has Osama been responsible for all the terrorist attacks claimed to his name? Did he take part on the 11S, or was it arranged by the EEUU as a pretext so that they could attack Afghanistan? Nowadays, these and very many other questions are still being asked when it comes to the Islamic Leader. The exhibition “Osama” analyses the end of the story, the military operation that ended up on the morning of the 2nd of May of 2011, with the life of Bin Laden being claimed, and its consequences over the media, recreating images that have never seen the light and others that we all know. Kepa Garraza, makes us reflect upon these questions with a very careful technique, based on 21st century paintings, that we could call pre-journalistic images, being able to establish painting and compositional relationships in it, represented in the manner of classics, as Goya’s 3rd of May Killings and Gericault’s Medusa’s Boat. With a hyper-realistic approach, the factual and fictional representation both mix in to create an uneasy ambiance, in which Kepa Garraza gets what he aims for; that each of us find our own truth, reinterpreting the old saying: “An image isn’t more valuable than a thousand words”.

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