• JUN 01 to JUL 29
    Solo Exhibition
    Pablo Carpio. 2 medios


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JUN 01 to JUL 29, 2016

    Event Location

    Mirat & Co

    C/Blanca de Navarra 8


    • Pablo Carpio


    The work of the Spanish artist who lives and works between New York and city of Mexico, is developed as a formal exploration of the pictorial medium, its process of creation and its artistic possibilities. Carpio uses painting as a primary means for the realization of his works, as a tool that allows you to explore the new dynamics of construction.

    The artist creates pieces that transcend genres: expanding the field of sculpture painting and installation, establishing a dialogue between both media.

    The evolution of the work of Carpio takes painting to transgress the boundaries of the framework. This is clearly represented in the "Bound" work, work in which the paint absorbs the three-dimensional space of the support conventional getting that painting becomes sculpture. The artist uses craqueladas surfaces, cracked or open, even reaching break painting occasionally, which is for the artist an act of liberation of painting.

    Result of this is "Starting again", installation where the artist invites the participation of the visitor as an integral part of the work. Making it disappear little by little and urging him to think about the marketing of the contemporary art world.

    The artist plays with materials, shapes, volumes and colours to create a painting almost edible, "organic". Color and light are inseparable in his work. Color plays a major role in the work of Carpio, dominated by intense, vibrant, colors that seem to go out to meet the visitor.

    Exhibition "2 medios" is the first solo show of the artist brought works from their studios in Brooklyn and Mexico DF, and she intends to create a reflection on the temporality of the pictorial media, delving into the structural mechanisms of the painting. Pablo Carpio embraces the movement and change, generating a work that acts as a reflection of a constant and rapid social transformation.

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