• SEP 15 to SEP 26
    Group Exhibition
    Photography Now


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Modern Art
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 15 to SEP 26, 2016


    Event Location

    The Brick Lane Gallery

    216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA
    United Kingdom

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    • Da Vynci
    • Dan Fearon
    • Eva Krins
    • Joana Pérez
    • Lidia Arriagada-García
    • Mathilde Gaussen
    • Matthew Rudd
    • Naghmeh Navabi
    • Sapna Khan


    Photography Now is an eclectic and stimulating group exhibition aiming to inspire us to view beyond the physical and explore further. This group of local and international artists invites us into a journey through landscapes, portraits, abstract works and fantasy like settings where we can reflect question our perceptions and concepts of reality. Each photographer has a different approach and provides innovative ways to explore a wide variety of themes and the way we view photography itself as a contemporary art practice.

    Lidia Arriagada-García, one of the exhibiting artists, has always been fascinated by people’s cultural idiosyncrasies. She likes to think that art including photography can help improve the world - that art has the power to raise social awareness and spur social change. She believes that there is a need for change in people’s minds and hearts to battle cruelty in all its forms. Cultural sensibility is very important, and that mutual regard for one another is key. This exhibition is about seeing Cuba and its people through a different lens and it is also an invitation to reflect on the past & present circumstances that affect the lives of its wonderful people. Naghmeh Navabi’s series is inspired by Rumi’s poetry. She illustrates some of the ancient poems by evoking her imagination with contemporary photography and combining these elements together with using collage and double exposure. Matthew Rudd shows his passion for photography through his remarkable pieces. He creates one piece by overlaying different photographs taken in various places at different times. Through this eye-catching works he makes a unique connection with the viewer.

    You are warmly welcome to join us for a drink with the artists at the opening night of PHOTOGRAPHY NOW at The Brick Lane Gallery open from 6pm-8.30pm on Wednesday 14TH September 2016.

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