• FEB 09 to MAR 06
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 09 to MAR 06, 2017

    Vernissage: Inaguraciñon jueves 9 de febrero a las 20:00

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    C/ Santa María, 15

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    • Laura Domínguez


    (automatic translation)

    Welcome to the future.

    Want share with you "Skin of a bull year 2100" room ART ROOM (calle Santa Maria 15, Madrid) from February 9 to March 7.

    The artist Laura Dominguez has with the passionate and accurate curated of Yolanda acute.

    Are invited to spend any afternoon or morning prior appointment.
    important: come prepared for a trip to the future in which cars will be driverless, the houses will be self-cleaning, we live surrounded by sensors, cancer will be cured, life expectancy will be more than 100 years and not be BULLS in Spain.

    Will reflect on loss and identity, concepts applied to these parts:
    we have lost a strong, real and leisurely way of understanding life?

    Makes already many years that not is celebrate bullfights of bulls, makes already much that not are of those beings horned in the meadows, that as them euros, disappeared, except which cloned and controlled roam in them zoos, now also, converted in spaces reserved to them biologists and that, for well them species presented to the public shows with virtual simulations with holograms of animals. Finally her death does not exist. Although Yes died Red Riding Hood that seemed immortal and already no one eats meat from pork.
    in the year 2100 all that remains of adonay barbarism involved die or kill, are rare relics of colorless capes and small figurines of synthetic paste containing DNA from toro and that tourists buy en masse as if authority to ensure the species. What about are already of a world happy.
    certainly not makes missing wait both time, so can buy our relic, as the intriguing Laura Dominguez, so shrewd and talented, specialist in advance is and search always behind the burladero, as when created the "step of Zebra" portable, or the "pixel protective" has taken the bull by the horns and has put in evidence is a world without bulls and suits of lights.
    left, some jubilant others nostalgic, but until the tail is all bull, and their DNA is still bravo when it does damage the nozzles from the printer.
    Laura Domínguez is a graduate in information science , has had various prizes and mentions for their creations, as for example; Medal to the creativity by the center of design of Castile-the spot in 2010, or businesswoman of the year in Guadalajara in 2003. Has carried out numerous actions, besides those already mentioned, as; "Foto-colmenas" in 2016, "Burbutrizes 50" in 2015 ","Vegatone manages colors"in 2011, or the collective project of 'Journey to the Alcarria - art in motion'.

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