• APR 05
    Group Exhibition
    Polymorph Other


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 05, 2018

    5 - 9 pm

    Event Location

    IMT Gallery

    2, 210 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9NQ
    United Kingdom

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    • Blue Mountain (Allan Hughes & Mark Jackson)
    • Daniel Locke
    • David Blandy
    • Felix Rose Kawitzky
    • Kate Liston
    • Marianne Thesen Law
    • Matt Stokes
    • Peter Wolfendale
    • Timothy Linward
    • Uma Breakdown


    One Thursday evening at IMT Gallery, YOU will track down the villain! Travel the great spaceways of the Blue Mountain, enter the deep caverns of the Dice Cult, explore the socio-political undercurrents of an experimental World War II psychiatric rehabilitation camp! Your mission: to search for an answer to the ever-growing threat of the Present Continuum!

    Polymorph Other is a one-day-only exhibition of materials, records and activities inspired by, involving or about role-playing.
    INCLUDING: Felix Rose Kawitzky & Marianne Thesen Law’s Portal: The Disappearance of Francis Lain: the anarchist, portal-hunting collective The Warp Demons try to locate a missing paranormal researcher the launch of Allan Hughes & Mark Jackson’s ‘Blue Mountain Miniatures Starter Set’, a set of gaming miniatures based on the 1989 alien abduction movie Communion and sinister reports of close encounters in the North of England Uma Breakdown’s Let’s Play Guide to his RPG video game TFW: The Formless Wastes 2, a game set in the same universe as his recent Janusware performance at Res. gallery, London David Blandy & Daniel Locke’s ongoing research into the role of collaboration, improvisation and mapping within RPGs Kate Liston’s balsa models made in response to Ella Bergmann Michel’s game-like speculative worlds, and which populate the films of the exhibition Feel After the New See currently at The Hatton Gallery Stone Frigate (LARP), a film from Matt Stokes’ Live Action Role Play Stone Frigate secretive correspondence from a mysterious “Dice Cult” unearthed by Peter Wolfendale & Timothy Linward

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