• NOV 16 to JAN 12
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 16, 2017 to JAN 12, 2018

    Vernissage: Thursday, November 16 20h.

    Event Location

    Galeria Combustion Espontanea

    Amaniel 20 bajo b

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    Power, the ability to exercise domination over one or more individuals, has been used over the centuries by leaders, politicians, sovereigns and dictators. As they manifest this power and make it visible, they have utilized different canons of representation. In classical antiquity, great leaders took sculpture as their chosen medium for representation, elevating their power to the level of gods. This pattern was used until the mid-twentieth century by many others who were guided by the desire to dignify and enhance their form and demonstrate their supremacy to the world. The arrival of the avant-garde and the autonomy of art ushered in a break with classical taste based on the evolution and discovery of new media and techniques. Some leaders began to use the modern concept of propaganda as a means of representation in order to indoctrinate minds and glorify their image. Today political leaders focus more on spreading their image through contemporary media, making the fourth power prevail, a term that defnes the use of modern media as a tool to infuence society. 'My aim with this project is to analyze the relationships between art and power through history, displaying a visual timeline of images showing the viewer how art has always worked under the shadow of political power. This close relationship between art and power seems to be a constant until the early twentieth century, when the avant-garde erodes this union on behalf of the autonomy of art. However, this process of breaking with the interests of the apparatus of power has proven to be a chimera. Nowadays the concept of propaganda has changed to more sophisticated forms but it still works in a fully functional way. ' The exhibition POWER focuses on the study of the coalition between art and power. As if they were statues, Kepa Garraza immortalizes infuential characters that have been the basis of the historical and cultural evolution of the world, letting us see how power and art, in any of its modes, have always been united.

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