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    Mad is Mad
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    APR 13 to MAY 30, 2013

    We open from Thursday to Saturday from 17: 30 to 21:30 h

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    Mad is Mad

    c/ Pelayo, 48 (Madrid)

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    (Barcelona, ??1962) Sonia Mackay has worked mostly as a curator for Wandergalerie in Barcelona, ??Berlin, gallery focused on the relationship of the city with artists, record now changes and adapts its stroke naive and playful, delightfully imperfect, which can Mariscal remember, some of the symbols that define Madrid: Las Meninas, the Puerta del Sol, Atocha Station, the building Schweppes of Callao, the Metro and the Rastro. Sonia is known in Barcelona for applying their fingerprinted style icons of the Catalan capital, now brings his carefree Mad Mad is an exclusive edition. She tells us her immersion in this world: "I started painting with acrylics one day I accompanied my friend Giovanna Mocci his paint shop in Berlin (city with which it has a close relationship since 1992). That evening, when he painted my first painting, time ceased to exist. And since then I have not stopped painting. Two years ago I moved to a small apartment, and it was complicated painting, I started using the program 'paint' on my computer and started playing with lines and colors. It is an exercise that causes accidents; colors appear in unexpected areas. Surprises are part of the game ... When I like, survive ... For 'Next stop: Sun', I present very simple but representative images of Madrid, just a few strokes, but very defining ". A few simple lines and quickly know what it is, what we want to tell Sonia. With spot colors and very powerful. Red, blue, white, orange engaging. "These are drawings of icons, a tribute to this fabulous city that welcomes me."


    The famous illustrator Eva Solano (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1974), which has been published in media as 'Flights Design', 'Popshot Magazine', 'lamono', 'The Country' and 'Calle 20', comes a third time to our space. As the journalist Mario Suarez in his book 'Spanish Illustrators' (Editorial Lunwerg), "the style of Eva Solano and is recognizable between the environment 'underground' art and close to fashion and trends." This time gives a strong step forward in his career pencils, markers and watercolors, and develops three-dimensionally his trademark technique and delicate geometry; exposes boxes with figures that tell us Palazuelo and origami, bow-buildings spread their wings and come to our meeting to propose some intriguing dialogue.


    (Albacete, 1990). Art student and designer restates the Mad is Mad Gallery, after its presentation at Christmas, 2012, with a very personal show of his most recent chart, which focuses on the pattern. At only 22 years, the artist uses in his work Mancha simple ways, prone to geometric abstraction, which demonstrate the use of graph-hand techniques that affect the gesture and its repetition as basic vocabulary for the construction of 'patterns '. In the exhibition 'Next stop: Sun' we can see works, mostly watercolors, prints focused on the design of a repetitive and very pictorial, reminiscent of the luminosity, the rhythms and colors of masters such as Sonia Delaunay and Paul Klee, the Nordic design elegant lines of the wards craftsmen bookbinders applied to books-gem.


    Inspired by the paradigms of 'pop art', imbued with honesty of raw art and full of conviction in everything contemporary that makes the 'street', Delphine has been developing effective characters and sequences of visual grammar that review particular symptoms and universal life, history and human nature. Its outline and compositions, tilt and apparently naive child, but meticulously designed in technique and concept, reflect a deliberate choice by the minimum compositional elements as symbolic entity whatsoever. His strong commitment to freshness playful as a communication tool brings to life an eloquent imagery. His latest work springs from the very experience of your stay in Canada, where he moved two years ago from Barcelona. Nature immense, wild, unlimited in that country, nature almost goddess, powerful feminine energy has pushed this artist born in France to lean against it and now spend most of their inspired and inspiring work. In the statement of Mad is Mad, find, on one hand, a black and white series - 'De Profundis naturae'-which focuses on the microscopic details of nature, almost naturalistic work. The other series - 'Spring is coming'-come to meet us as an explosion of color, Delphine wanted to compose a poem to this moment of extraordinary vitality that comes with spring and renewal of our lives. That bustle of life is understood even better in a country like Canada, where winters are long and ends. With this double-sided nature singing, Delphine Delas wants, above all, perform, ink and acrylic on canvas and paper, a singing loud and strong to life itself.

    As a counterpoint to this need to rush out in search of the light that is always down the tunnel, thematic exhibition spring 2013 Mad is Mad, we booked the small room from the fund committed spirit collages Mexican artist Roberto River, whose name is very close to the great muralist. They are works that slip away from us, that impact us, somewhat uncomfortable, violent, to which we can not grasp all-maybe that's the real art, which escapes us, which leaves us permanently put of intrigue , which is not obvious-, works based on a collection of objects that belonged sometime in Spanish families who emigrated to Mexico in the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century, mixed with words of historian Miguel León Portilla, Freud and Nietzsche. Thus, Roberto del Rio wants to express that "the behavior of mental life is the foundation for the development of morality." In his own words: "I share, this series of pieces, two situations orphan and away from each other: the awareness and chance". With his fighter momentum Latin, straddling Mexico and the United States, we project the other side, the underside of the energy provided by the rest of the sample. Because we are required to optimism, to seek the light, do not despair, but, above all, not to forget, not to betray the moral sense of our existence.

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