• NOV 06 to JAN 05
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 06, 2012 to JAN 05, 2013

    Event Location

    Galería Álvaro Alcázar


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    talk of my current work involves necessarily talk about my work informalist, in my early days as an avant-garde artist. Fantastic years, with one

    dimension of invention and transgression as a few periods in the history of art. They invented techniques and incorporated new materials; new

    formats and new compositions of deep poetic. A new conception that led us to dimensions of freedom never before known in the world

    of plastic. Freedom that produced a certain amount of wear. I myself, in the year ´62 left written in an international catalogue, "... now we begin to

    build again on these ruins, with a new concept of our limit". Since then we have lived a great adventure, full of surprises, from

    encounters and misunderstanding, of experiences and analysis. A rich world of images, sometimes purity and others, no less intense, of sought after impurities.

    now is the time to rescue the space of painting, recover its poetic and metaphoric dimension, its capacity of illusions, of

    fall in love with us, vibrate again with that space of painting, good paint. Back perhaps a few steps back to take a leap forward. Return to the

    thread of the discourse of pure, painting nothing but paint and its capacity for communication, nothing else! and nothing less!

    the catalogue of my previous exhibition, with Álvaro Alcázar, was published in a text of mio where towards a defence and a hymn to the painting, with the title

    "Reinventing painting". It's been three years, time that I have served to deepen the language, to reaffirm the undertaken way. A

    work marked by its own history, but updating its radicality. Also allowed me have the perspective to realize a fact

    key: my loyalty - as I've said many times - to a few aesthetic principles that have been a constant in my work: painting. Could not be of

    otherwise, belong to a generation that contributed - renouncing the figurative - representation a projection passionate on the subject of content


    my current painting continues being the footprint of the painter that leaves their strokes on the canvas, remarking their individuality as a single object (e)

    unrepeatable; at the same time that marks the times and distances. A work that wants to respond to the new problems of artistic creation,

    immersed in a maze of difficult output.

    in recent years have worked with what we could define as "chunks" and the rupture of the virtual space, the window concept,

    perse fragment that is. A decision to renounce the rest now I speak of recovery of painting, two-dimensional pictorial space - that

    not the virtual space - which raises another relation, infinity, nature as a process. Morphogenesis, the nature as a whole sublime. A painting that

    neither idealizes nature nor the plays as a mere fragment, but it is conceived as a process.

    painting is the protagonist, like then, but I understand with greatest disclaimers, and an intense search for synthesis and austerity,

    eliminate every superfluous element and free. with disclaimers such as gesture, stain, passion; but also with recoveries like colour, almost

    absent in the 1950s. is the search for the essence of the transcendental. I would like to say that my current pictures are nothing more than

    paintings, where we have come to see the art emancipated many easements, to painting as an entity in yes same.

    a painting naked, without concessions or winks, a radical painting and essential. but already Zola said that "a work of art is a corner of the creation

    seen through a temperament".

    Rafael Canogar.

    November 2012

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