• OCT 17 to DEC 21
    Solo Exhibition
    Raúl quiere que seas críticamente feliz


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 17 to DEC 21, 2012

    Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 19.00 pm, Sundays and public holidays from 10.00 to 15.00 hours. Closed on Mondays

    Vernissage: 17 October, 13 - 19 h.

    Event Location

    c arte c (Centro de Arte Complutense)

    Avda. Juan de Herrera, 2. 28040 Madrid, Spain

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    • Raúl Gómez Valverde


    With this thought-provoking and groundbreaking exhibit, c art c of the Complutense University of Madrid is still committed to academic excellence in the field of research, thinking and all forms of creative expression. And, despite the recession, maintains its historic commitment to the diffusion of culture as an additional alternative to resistance to the crisis in the political, economic and social. It would rather than an error without solution, deprive society, also, the expressiveness of its most genuine and substantial heritage, in all the diversity of its forms of expression and culture in all media that make it noticeable and enjoyable for the whole community. Culture must endure and will endure beyond our joints. And it will make it finding methods, spaces and sustainable synergies that allow their survival and screening in these times of shortages and austerity.
    . This exhibition wants to be also a vivid metaphor of possibilities presented to us to find these other alternative roads in the times in which we live. Being the result of the selected winning project in the public announcement of c c art, its production has been possible only by the Congregation and collaboration of a number of institutions and public and private organizations committed to the values of art and creating artistic. Live Nation, creative solutions, the Ministry of education, culture and sport, The School of Visual Arts, Fulbright Commission, Maxwell Render, Next Limit Technologies, EGM, Renderpro, the Group Bokado. all they have joined to the Complutense University so that this project could see the light. and with all of them, from the c art c, and despite the icy parameters of our current context, we intend to show that the creative action is also a formula that can redeem us of widespread State of desilusion, and that perhaps soon we can bring... to be "critically happy".

    Cristina Velázquez Vidal
    Vice-Chancellor of attention to the University community

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