• APR 18 to APR 22
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 18 to APR 22, 2013

    Event Location

    Serpentine Gallery

    London W2 3XA
    United Kingdom

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    'Our work has been to identify how the conditions of citizenship are materialised in the everyday and then to work together to identify new citizenships, ones we make by questioning the power in established forms. Our process is simple. Together, we listen to each other, the school, the city. We ask what we have heard, organise our responses and reflect on what have we learned. Then we compose the reality we have analysed into songs for new collectivities.' Ultra-red

    The Serpentine Gallery's Edgware Road Project presents RE:ASSEMBLY, an exhibition by sound art collective Ultra-red with students and teachers from in London.

    The outcome of four years' collaboration, the exhibition is presented as an opera that explores the school's wider community in the Edgware Road area. Through a series of installations and performances presented at several neighbourhood locations, including the school and the adjacent church, the show presents students' and teachers' experiences, the pressures they face at the school and in the local area and their vision for the future. An audio guide created by the students accompanies the exhibition to help visitors discover the area within the context of the students' understanding and local knowledge of the Edgware Road.

    To develop RE:ASSEMBLY Ultra-red led students and teachers through sound walks and audio recordings to reflect on current issues in the students' lives. Topics that arose included the relationship between the school and the neighbourhood, questions of state and social citizenship as well as the contradictory demands society places on young people and their role in developing the future. The exhibition conveys the findings of these reflections through several mediums, including video installation and sound projection.

    Possible Conversations, a video installation, presents a series of discussions held on local rooftops with students, teachers and community activists. Songs for Getting Through consists of concrete plaques marked with song titles of music that has helped students survive the pressures of exams. Six large-scale videos show students making sounds and gestures related to those they heard in the area. The Hymnal replaces religious texts with student observations of politics and power in the school and the neighbourhood.

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