• APR 18 to MAY 16
    Solo Exhibition
    Return To Doom Lagoon


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 18 to MAY 16, 2013

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    c / Gran Vía, 26 6 º drch | Madrid, España

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    • Sean Morris


    Is a field guide for jungle babes - on making friends with panthers, matching your machete to your swimsuit, identifying plants that will poison your jerk jungle boyfriend and the best fruit selection to accompany sacrificial rituals. Sean Morris shows you how to make the most of that tropical wonderland and ignore the fact that death lurks behind every palm tree. Just drink plenty of cocktails out of coconuts or human skulls and everything will be OK.

    Sean Morris is from the haunted beach town of Perth, Australia. He draws pictures inspired by terrible movies, cheap food, bad girls and alcohol. His heart belongs forever to trash culture, and he tries to make things that are beautiful and not grotesque but usually fails. He has held solo exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne and London and participated in over forty group shows.

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