• SEP 12 to SEP 13
    Solo Exhibition
    Room II de Xtobal. La vida y creación en directo


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 12 to SEP 13, 2019

    24 h live streaming

    Vernissage: Friday, September 13 at 8 p.m.

    Event Location


    C/ Santa María, 15

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    The multifacético XTOBAL artist, controversial where verised, returns to Madrid, to execute ROOM II, a project of intervention performative in enclosed space with no communication outside. The coexistence with his alter ego (Esteban Plaza) in a performative state fillá the walls of works of art in a éxtasis timeless creation where to see (also streaming)


     Inauguration, outcome and closing, Friday, September 13 at 20:00h. 

    "The Lockdown" has many meanings.
    I can assure you that it also has a connection with the theoryía of the creative relativity offered by Xtobal.
    The fórmula is to remain cornered in your house, during a agreed time in which several proposals have to come out plásticas, or at least one, that demons.
    The watcher completes the action, because the function of testimony is imposed on him.
    2 artists – 2 días – 30 m&s; you can still be streaming or live stream.

    Xtobal Berville, is a French artist. He trained in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Douai, and in scenografía in Lille. His career has developed throughout the European ámbito, through, above all, sculpture, installation and performance.
    He has seen his work in London, Paris, Madrid, Berlín, Jaén, Barcelona, Lille, Má Laga, Granada, Valladolid, etc…

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