• AUG 29 to SEP 29
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
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    Dates and Opening hours

    AUG 29 to SEP 29, 2017

    Lunes a viernes de 11 a 18 horas Sábado 11 a 15 horas

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    Julio Verne No. 14 (Sala Felisa Román) Col. Polanco Del. Miguel Hidalgo
    Mexico City

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    • Nicandro Puente


    (automatic translation)

    Faces of the anguish of Nicandro bridge

    "Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist".
    -René Magritte

    The works of Nicander bridge (1953-2005) lies within the expressive figurative trends, i.e., squeezing the limits of human representation while exploring their feelings and emotions through painting and drawing. The characters that occur in his compositions and graphic universes come to life through the use of color and form: "the basic source of motives and feelings for the plastic exercise is the context and the incidence of its actors" writes the artist in their notes.

    A first impression, is difficult to distinguish the anguish in the eponymous series of portraits of the Tamaulipas painter. The figure as the basic element of artistic expression as well as the selection of colors and geometric composition is harmonious and even positive in its reception; However, insofar as an exercise in close observation is made, it becomes undeniable that each of these faces have been silenced in an act of censorship and artistic awareness in response to events that took place in Mexico between 1994 and 2000 when they were made. Either a purpose of social regeneration or as half critical, direct national and political commentary is present in all the work of bridge.

    Artistic historical heritage that nurtures the faces comes from a mixture of the aesthetics of international surrealism and Mexican muralism without citations of the classical sculptural form. References figurative artists practice as René Magritte, Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí from the hand of the textures of David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera are evident in the color palette and the implications of the represented characters.

    The mechanical, the rational and the oneiric is transmitted in the same way through the series of preparatory drawings that complement the load energy and mysterious of the series "Faces of fear" has the greatness of create a soliloquy in the search for a response to the larger paradigms of human existence : its present and look to the future.


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