• MAY 21 to MAY 31
    Group Exhibition
    Sacred Shapes: Geometric Abstractions in the Digital Age


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 21 to MAY 31, 2015

    Event Location

    A+E Studios

    160 West Broadway
    New York City
    United States

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    • Jamie Zigelbaum
    • Phillip Stearns
    • Robert Otto Epstein
    • Sam Fryer
    • Vince McKelvie


    Since the dawn of civilization, geometry has played a fundamental role in visual culture. While the art historical debate concerning “geometric abstraction,” often gets tied up in conversations surrounding the birth of European Modernism or the ever-alleged “death of painting,” a tradition of non-representational geometric art in history extends as far back, at least, as ancient Egypt. Today, in an age governed by screens and satellite rings, many artists return faithfully to geometric forms. Informed by the fundamental geometries of the digital age, the work in this exhibition uses both formal and conceptual abstraction to explore the visual dreams and virtual realities, which define contemporary life.

    Historical surges in the production of abstract geometric art often correspond to periods of great social, political, and technological change. As the Digital Age propels humanity into a new, barely comprehensible reality where the physical disintegrates into the virtual, paint becomes pixels, networks replace grids, and social media takes place of experience, the artists in this exhibition embrace form and structure in search of artistic authenticity. Co-curated by Allison Barker and Jessica Speiser this exhibition brings together examples of contemporary geometric abstraction, which explore the oscillation between human perception and understanding, tangible and virtual realms, privacy and surveillance, overwhelming anxiety and delusions of grandeur characteristic of our time.

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