• NOV 29 to FEB 05
    Solo Exhibition
    Sangrar Luz


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    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 29, 2012 to FEB 05, 2013

    Mon-Fri 11-14h y de 17-20:00h Saturdays de 11-14h Saturdays evenings by appointment

    Event Location

    Arana Poveda

    c/ Lope de Vega, 22. 28014 Madrid

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    the inner worlds and the uninhabited spaces are a constant in the work of the last years of Ignacio Llamas. However this fact does not preclude that the (non-existent) human figure copper special importance in his work; Non-spaces, volumes, light but witnesses of the presence and experiences of people and creatures that inhabit (live) such spaces and impregnate them and endow sense.

    is precisely that marking experiential character that turns into the connecting thread of the exhibition "Bleeding light" articulated through light as an essential element in his work and item key is collecting the reality reflected in the scenarios and the espacio-volumen as cosmos (in this case of reduced dimensions) which develops the comedy human light comes on or, often, full of shadows and dark while evidence spiritual scenarios have been impregnated the load.

    suitcase elemento-icono becomes in essence of the series as a symbol of the inner journey to which invites the spectator and an allusion to his time on the journey of life, i.e., to the journey towards death.

    Ignacio Llamas points, just it outlines what happened. is at the discretion of the viewer and its file of experiences complete stories, endorsing what is narrated, or simply contemplate the remains of the shipwreck.

    exposure is composed of a very careful and extremely concise selection of photographic pieces and a unique facility that converses with them.

    "Bleeding light" is his first exhibition in ARANAPOVEDA

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