• NOV 13 to DEC 07
    Group Exhibition
    Sculpture Art Exhibition,Langgam Logam, Sihir Batu


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    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 13 to DEC 07, 2014


    Event Location

    gallery kemang 58

    jl kemang raya no 58

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    • noor ibrahim and rudi crystal


    Sculpture Art Exhibition
    Langgam Logam, Sihir Batu
    Noor Ibrahim & Rudi Crystal
    Soewarno Wisetrotomo (writer)
    Venue Details
    Gallery Kemang 58
    Jl.Kemang Raya No 58
    Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
    Date and Time
    Open For Public November 13 (10.00 AM)
    Exhibition will be held until December 7, 2014 (8.00 PM)

    The exhibition Metal Styles, Magic Stone is interesting, it can at the very least allow us to absorb and experience the creative process of these two artists (sculptors) who are so different. Both are full of spirit and ready to conquer any challenges. Noor Ibrahim is in the middle of a process of conquering the challenges of inner / exploding soul through simplicity of material and of form. Rudi Crystal is also in the middle of conquering his own limitations, through challenges that are also not simple; in dealing with precious stones and fossils that contain a history of their long life. Now take a look at their work and enjoy. Let's wade through their imaginations, meanings, beauty, simplicity, and all the mystery in it, as we wonder at the experience of the universe.
    Suwarno Wisetrotomo
    Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Postgraduate Studies ISI

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