• SEP 19 to OCT 24
    Solo Exhibition
    Sentir la Ciencia, Pensar el Arte


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 19 to OCT 24, 2015

    De lunes a domingo, de 10 a 20 horas

    Vernissage: Sábado 19, a las 12 horas

    Event Location

    AC Gallery Arte&Ciencia

    Plaza de Chueca, 6. Bajo

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    • Antonio Calleja


    (automatic translation)

    AC Gallery art & science returns from holiday season with the abstract of one of its most representative artists, Antonio Calleja painting exhibition inaugurating.

    the Madrid painter has consummated his creative Prime, with a sample that has followed a unique procedure. Calleja has used as a starting point reading scientific books that explain the reality on a conceptual level, to translate them into an aesthetic language, adding a sensory dimension to the representation of the real thing.

    for the artist "apprehension of the world not only comes through understanding by reasoning, also comes in a way holistic through perception".

    Calleja understands that art as such requires "input" from a knowledge and research according to the scientific method, which works by way of "ouput" once sieved, processed, apprehended, and abstracted by the senses and human cognition all that knowledge.

    these works have created a free-form, no commercial ties or ideological restrictions, aside from fashions, isms, interests and markets. "only with the knowledge provided by science, with its restrictions and its collective dimension, complemented with imagination and individual imagination of artists, we can interpret the reality in a way more holistic deeper".

    Antonio Calleja, painter with a long artistic career, has exhibited his work in numerous national and international spaces, participating in exhibitions in important galleries in Paris, New York, Chicago or Stockholm.

    The opening of this exhibition will take place on September 19, at 12:00, and will be open to the public until October 24, AC Gallery (art & science).

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