• NOV 29 to JAN 14
    Solo Exhibition
    Setenta y tres pinceladas


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 29, 2012 to JAN 14, 2013

    Monday to Friday: 12, 30-14, 30 h and 17, 30-21 h. Saturdays: by appointment August: closed for holidays

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    Virxe da Cerca, 24, 15703 Santiago de Compostela
    Santiago De Compostela

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    '' I remember that my biggest difficulty was to consider me artist. in the first years as a student of fine arts in Barcelona produced me vertigo thinking to become painter and even more in being an artist, term designating the authors who I was going to discover with fascination... then I was finding the mode that what I was doing was seeming to art, or at least the art should imitate if I wanted to be painter. today I think that art is imitation... resorted to the imitation of the same way that we correct people who us above, human models that copy... I've lived the fact of being born in a family in which there is an important link with culture; painted since childhood, we had a few excellent plastic workshops from the child in the German school period and had the support of some brother that I would start to"work"on return from class and kept and valued my drawings..."

    ""Art has the capacity to astonish us. experience of the wonder stops the activity of the mind, the mental vortex. is the surprise of the now. is wonder what stops the structure dialectical mind. recognize the thought is the input to the activity jumper artistic. in the practice of the art sensation occurs at present. the past and the future become evasive... time disappears, time no longer a thought... art has the power to bring us closer to reality, place ourselves in time present. the art has the power to awaken us from a dream."

    "when I decide to make a picture, I think previously how I will perform, I set a few parameters that are given by the own characteristics of the materials and the idea that supports the proposal, but always seems to arise from a necessity, often a need for advancement."

    "After 25 years in the painting you get to thinking that you've formulated your project, that everything is already done, then those small contributions or variations around the vast space of abstract painting were already formulated and is not copied only more. but appears the need for experience in a different territory and discover again the infinite variables of a new idea."

    "Lembro a difficulty foi maior mine consider me artist." Us primeiros estudante de Belas Artes in Barcelona years produciame vertixe think about chegar a painter e ainda mais in being an artist, term designating os que eu ia descubrindo fascination with authors... after fun atopando or mode that or facia fora asemellandose a US art, ou polo less, a. art should imitate wanted to be a painter. Hoxe penso that art e imitation... walk a imitation mesmo do so we correct as people desiring us, os human models that you copy... lived or feito us birth nunha to hai na family an important link coa culture; he painted dende small, tivemos uns excellent plastic dende o workshops infant period not German colexio e had co apoio dalgun irman than me ponia to "work" or voltar da escola e gardaba e valued os meus debuxos... "

    " Art ten a Capacité de abraiarnos. To experience abraio OJ

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