• MAY 07
    Solo Exhibition
    Sewable electronics #1


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

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    MAY 07, 2013

    from 10:30 to 14:30. (12 hours)

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    Susanna Tesconi y Paula Rodríguez (Frikids)

    The activity is addressed to people and professionals interested in achieve  the basics of sewable electronics. During the workshop  starting from simple patterns will learn  to sew circuits, to embed sensors and actuators in textiles and to program their behaviour. Arduino LilyPad is a microcontroller board designed to be embedded in the clothes and textile electronic. It can be sewed to the cloth and, combined with batteries, sensors and devices of interaction with conductive thread. We will be able to realise  and program devices Smart Textiles like musical instruments, interactive curtains, hats, pieces that light up according to environmental changes etc.

    All materials are included.

    Susanna Tesconi is interaction designer and teacher with a strong attitude edupunk. Their work is directed towards interaction between children s and technology. In his workshop explores the integration between digital home technology and manufacturing with attempt to accompany children s groups in developing their own technologies. Since 1996 designing educational programs and workshops for various schools and institutions. In recent years the program has coordinated FabLabKids in FabLab Barcelona, Interaction Laboratory IOI-The sense of machines in Dhub, Barcelona Design Museum and several courses and educational programs for Labor Center Art and Industrial Creation in Gijón. She is currently part of a program Doctorate in Education at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


    Paula Rodriguez social educator specialist in creative processes. It begins in the world of education working Social Integration and Technical Education in Primary Schools accompanying children in need special educational integration processes in the classroom, and collaborating in the reception class with children newly arrived from their countries of origin, in Barcelona. Next, interested in social pedagogy as a tool transformative works with the Department of Education at the University of Barcelona in building materials schools to raise awareness by teaching about Human Trafficking. And working with the Utrecht Hoguescholl part of a comparative research on innovations in social services between the Netherlands and Spain. It was social educator working on the project socio detox Leaping Penitentiary in Black Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, linking artistic practice as an alternative to detoxification processes of consumption. Collective project recently started Dibuixat Dones, (experiencing and studying the genre from drawings children), and still forming studying the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona to continue mixing his two passions: art and education.


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