• MAR 29 to APR 11
    Solo Exhibition
    Shall We Dance by Txuca


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 29 to APR 11, 2013

    Event Location

    ESDIP Berlin

    Grünberger Straße 48 (in the Grünberger Höfe 48-44) Friedrichshain

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    • Txuca


    ESDIP Berlin is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of photography by Txuca from March 29th to April 11th, 2013. The exhibition marks the first presentation of her work in Germany. Txuca is a portrait photographer of individuals and performing arts, born in Madrid. She is a visual creator communicating with the viewer by transmitting feelings and moods.

    “Attracted by the magic of body language and creation, my artistic practice is based on experimental portraits of bodies articulating creative actions. Through a use of time and movement, the motion of my subject merges with my own to create a complete composition. Precise choreography or spontaneous movement are both used depending on the subject – the main focus is to capture portraits of the creative process in action. This interest
    in the human figure and its movements has led me to doing self-portraits as another body of work related to my anthropomorphic studies.”

    Txuca’s exhibition “Shall We Dance” in ESDIP Berlin presents seven ink jet photographic prints in black and white. The series is a motion project between artist Suso33 and Txuca. In this series the artist performs under unusual circumstances. Instead of on-stage for an audience or in a public space, a carefully designed, intimate setting is created by the photographer for the action to occur. Once the dance begins, interaction between photographer and artist results in a dialogue captured to form the final piece of art: “Shall we Dance”.

    Txuca was born in 1975 in Madrid, Spain. Lives in Berlin and works between Berlin, Madrid and NYC. After studying Bachelor of Arts and then Illustration, she gained a BA in Audiovisual Communication from the UEM European University of Madrid in 2000. The works of Txuca have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in NYC, Madrid and Almeria: “Nikki Sees You” portrait at “A House Full of Friends” show and benefit auction at NOoSPHERE Arts, 2013; “Exploring Senses” series at “I can lose myself” show at Gelato! Slide Show at NOoSPHERE Arts. NYC, 2013; “Performing Portraits” at “Trojan TV Wall” by Suso33 at El Pais stand in ARCOMadrid 2012; “In Progress” at “Norway now in NYC” show curated by Sol Kjok at NO Gallery. NYC, 2011; “Performing Portraits” photographic installation for a Benefit Party by NO Gallery and Linea Rossa, The Mothership. NYC, 2011; “Performing Portraits” at David vs Golliath Music and Arts Festival, Cin-M Artspace 43, Tribeca. NYC, 2011; “Articulating Bodies” at the SVA School of Visual Arts. NYC, 2011; “Exploring Senses” print donated to One Story magazine silent auction, Literary Debutante Ball, The Invisible Dog. NYC, 2011; “Emotion In Motion” at “Moment Of Recognition” show curated by Amy Arbus at the ICP Rita K. Hillman Gallery. NYC, 2011; “Se Acabo el Recreo” at FotoActivate’09 contest Finalists show, Biografica Gallery. Madrid, 2009; Photographic installation at La Noche Bohemia. Armony Beach Club, Vera. Almeria, 2009. Her work “For You” won the Jury Prize in the “El Regalo” contest by PhotoEspaña and Madrid’s Noche en Blanco in 2009 and her work “Se acabo el Recreo” won a finalist in “FotoActivate” contest by InspirAction and Vice Magazine in 2009.

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