• FEB 02 to MAR 26
    Solo Exhibition
    Simeón Saiz Ruiz


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 02 to MAR 26, 2013

    Event Location

    Galería FÚCARES

    C/ Doctor Fourquet 28, bajo

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    We see really what the TV put before our eyes? The overabundance of images and, above all, its homogeneous character, having all the same through the same medium gloss and format, the same syntax, makes our distracted perception rebound or just stops before the scenes more dramatic in this turbulent world. Everything is the same. Suffering, death or crime are diluted in the image. They make it equivalent to the latter goal, carried out or failed. When the last echo or life "celebrity" gossip. Replaced < FONT color = #ffcc99 > always a day following.

    Enrolled in mass culture, the art of our days, acts and intervenes in their interstices, decontextualizing the media image, with her performing a task of rescue and sedimentation until we see (and feel, and know) what we don't usually see. Although we look at. Although the image runs daily before our eyes.

    In this Stela is situated Simeón Saiz Ruiz, an exemplary work by its aesthetic and moral demand's work, and that highlights the game of mirrors that configures all representation: in our world, the best way to "hide" is show all. Since 1996, Saiz is presenting a series of paintings, usually of large format, with the title J'est a je (I is a self). The title is an inverted and ironic paraphrase of the well-known slogan of the poet Arthur Rimbaud: J'est un autre (I is another), with which the great pioneer of the avant-garde questioned the soundness of the self, the idea of a substantive identity.

    Simeón Saiz paintings show us images of the terrible war in the Balkans, such as daily and full color we have seen over the last decade in the press and on television. Corpses, bodies torn and mutilated, suffering injuries, the silence of the relentless violence. Bosniaks, Croats, Serbs: alive or dead, all of them human beings.

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