• MAR 09 to MAY 05
    Group Exhibition
    Síndrome. Contexto, maneras y estructura. Formas actuales de producción artística en Estocolmo.


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 09 to MAY 05, 2013

    Event Location

    La Capella

    Hospital, 56

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    “Síndrome” (Syndrome) puts forward a variable approach to a specific context: artistic creation in Stockholm. For many decades, the Swedish capital, one of the examples of the welfare society, has had and continues to have a stable professional structure as regards contemporary art. Long-standing institutions, newly defined platforms, a major support network for creation, outward-looking universities and educational spaces with international links, coupled with a series of independent proposals that come and go. And with the artists, always the artists, playing a key role in defining the entire structure.
    “Síndrome” presents the work of several artists and avoids representing a place. Artists that mark the passage of time with their work, that explore and put forward specific means of creation. “Síndrome” presents a series of works in which the artist defines the need to extend beyond the exhibition space, questioning how to physically work with the institution, adopting a political stance by means of documentaries, investigating material as a conceptual form and the link with fiction to contemplate our time.
    The exhibition also presents a series of interviews with representatives of various art institutions in Stockholm and analyses the current climate of artistic creation, how it works and how it affects the framework in the means of working with art in the city.
    Furthermore, within the context of the project, a series of meetings amongst the artists featured in the exhibition and artists from Barcelona and art agents has been organised, in an endeavour to foster “live” dialogue between practices and working methods. Text-based findings of these dialogues will appear in several of the platforms in favour of the artistic approaches that are considered and executed in Barcelona.
    “Síndrome” puts forward different moments, voices and tones for understanding a place. A place that probably lies closer than we think.

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