• OCT 08
    Group Exhibition
    Slideluck Madrid IV


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    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 08, 2015

    19:00 - 22:00

    Event Location

    Slideluck Madrid

    IED Master Madrid; Calle Larra 14, 28004 Madrid

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    • Aitor Lara
    • Álvaro Laiz
    • Bryan Schutmaat
    • Celeste Ortiz
    • David Linuesa
    • Hugo Alcol
    • Jerónimo Álvarez
    • Jesús Labandeira
    • Joan Fontcuberta
    • Krzysztof Racoń

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    Next Thursday, October 8, 2015 the fourth edition of Slideluck will take place in Madrid, in collaboration with IED Visual Madrid.

    In this event we wil present 20 photographic works in multimedia format that have been selected among all the projects that we have received in the call, according to the theme of the idea or concept of "communication". In this edition we have relied on the prestigious Commissioner and Photographer José María Díaz-Maroto, which has been responsible for the selection of works.

    Selected photographers are the following:
    Aitor Lara - www.aitorlara.com
    Álvaro Laiz - www.alvarolaiz.com
    Bryan Schutmaat - www.bryanschutmaat.com
    Celeste Ortiz - www.cargocollective.com/celesteortiz
    David Linuesa - www.davidlinuesa.es
    Hugo Alcol
    Jerónimo Álvarez - www.jeronimoalvarez.com
    Jesús Labandeira - www.victorjesuslabandeira.com
    Joan Fontcuberta - www.fontcuberta.com
    Krzysztof Raco? - www.krzysztofracon.pl
    Manuel Capón - www.manuelcm.com
    Marienna García-Gallo - www.mariennagarciagallo.com
    Marta Areces - www.martaareces.wordpress.com
    Mendía Echeverría - www.mendiaecheverria.com
    Pierfrancesco Armet - www.pierfrancescocelada.com
    Rafael Arocha - www.rafaelarocha.com
    Ricardo Cases - www.ricardocases.es
    Sofía Santaclara - www.sofiasantaclara.com
    Sonia Hamza - www.soniahamza.com
    Tomasz Lazar - www.tomaszlazar.pl

    Being a Slideluck event, the intention is to share art and food. For this reason, everyone is invited to bring food prepared by themselves to share with other attendees on a break to be held between the projections.

    To learn more about what is Slideluck we encourage you to read the interview that was recently made to Maria Teresa Salvati, Director of Slideluck in Europe and Editor at Slideluck Editorial. 



    Slideluck is a non-profit organization that was born in 2000, based in the city of New York, and currently works in more than 100 cities worldwide. It aims to create communities interested in photography and food, while creating an artistic digital platform that provides an opportunity for artists to exhibit and share their work with curators, publishers, collectors and all art community.

    See you October 8th! Brooklyn brings the beer.

    * Photography published in this event from the series "Japan, I Wish I Knew Your Name" from Pierfrancesco Celada

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