• NOV 09 to JAN 04
    Solo Exhibition
    Solo Vol.IV. Eduardo Nave


    • Solo Exhibition
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    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 09, 2012 to JAN 04, 2013

    Timetable: L, M, and s: Cita Previa T.676460143 X, J and v: 11-14 / 18-20.45 H.

    Event Location

    AJG Contemporary Art Gallery

    Pasaje Francisco Molina 17, 41003, Sevilla.

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    Where silence raises suspicion and emptiness is a symptom of past life, Eduardo Nave goes alone to listen to the memory of the landscape. serially single VOL.IV, ship decides to penetrate barriers to historic old jail of Segovia to register the mood of the space and closer to the experience of the listener.

    the purpose of prisons has been changing through time and specifically the Segovia prison, today transformed into a cultural centre, stores it in its memory the passage of numerous stories. was an enclave of the Francoist repression and their most popular episodes among the brain mass of prisoners of ETA in 1976. once abandoned their ships, also has been the scene of various film events and television filming.

    Vacuum of the old prison is an essential acoustic resource not only for the appreciation of echoes from a past, but also for the mental reconstruction of stories. the context invites real or imaginary speculation of a condemnation, favoring a tragic atmosphere in its mystery. the genesis of prisons was the need to keep secret the treatment of crime. are places that naturally motivated the dissimulation, cunning and penance, but also pockets of human resistance through which circulated the word freedom. auscultation of the building is the usual procedure that ship used to go in search of psychological States and emotional. the Act of capturing each image has resided in listening solo of the former prison of Segovia and this has been the result.

    Mireia A. Puigventós. 2012

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