• APR 05 to MAY 28
    Galeria Paula Alonso
    Group Exhibition


    • Group Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 05 to MAY 28, 2013

    Event Location

    Galeria Paula Alonso

    Lope de Vega, 29. 28014 Madrid

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    • Chema López
    • José Luis Serzo
    • Marina Núñez
    • Nacho Martín Silva


    The Paula Alonso Gallery presents in the Festival Jugada a 3 bandas, the exhibition Storymakers, curated by Carlos Delgado Mayordomo, and that includes the work of four artists who question the relevance of further developing stories in a context like the present one, overloaded with information and of highvisual density. Chema Lopez, Nacho Martín Silva, Marina Núñez and José Luis Serzo take as its starting point the narrative structures to discover fractures hegemonic narratives that have taken over social practices, knowledge and memory of the individual. The cross between fable and reality, the deconstruction of the idea of verisimilitude and the rethinking of the concept of identity are some of the tools that generate the four artists’ discursive alternatives to traditional stories. These strategies, developed at different levels and with multiple interests, are positioned more as doers that as storytellers: the core of his work is modular, transform and build new codes for some stories that are never shown with edges or with fixed semantic closed narrative conflicts.

    Chema Lopez (Albacete, 1969) discusses the possibility of creating reality from fiction. Facing history of the victors and cultural assets they have generated, the artist draws a complex speech-not without a subtle sense of humor-organized on the excitement of the discovery of a cross look on those stories whose reliability is based in infinite repetition.

    Nacho Martín Silva (Madrid, 1977) understands painting as a form and research, ie as perception and conception. This union of a binomial is traditionally irreconcilable starting point for questioning other codes which have determined the exclusion plots in which the painting has vetoed. One is the idea of process, something that the artist works from an open and disjointed narrative as a story.

    One of the key concepts of the extensive production of Marina Núñez (Palencia, 1966) is the questioning of identity as essential, unitary, immutable and oblivious to the surroundings. His stories (always collapsed inside the conflict, suspended in the process of getting resolved) have starring that other is not stipulated, moving out of the policy and that has remained hidden in the trenches of normality.

    The plastic work of Jose Luis Serzo (Albacete, 1977) has articulated, from very different media, the ability to understand art as a great story. Throughout history it has been able to build another world through which paraphrasing and transcend ours, however, against the idea of escapism before a hostile landscape, the artist offers a promising platform from which to establish new ethical paradigms, social and emotional.


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