• MAR 08 to JUN 21
    Solo Exhibition
    Sueños fantásticos y maravillosas pesadillas. Club de Lectura de Literatura Fantástica


    • Solo Exhibition

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    MAR 08 to JUN 21, 2013

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    Matadero Madrid

    Plaza de Legazpi, 8.

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    Fantasy Dreams and Wonderful Nightmares.

    Fantasy Literature Reading Club

    In this Reading Club we will undertake a journey into fantasy literature through the theme "Dream and Nightmare" or, perhaps, is that through this literature we turn to the world of dreams. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the waking of dreams and the same could be said for the purposes of this workshop.

    A Reading Club is not a class, but a group of people who read and discuss and try to reach your own conclusions from the literature. In this case, the groups led by Antonio Romar, on texts from many different parts of the world (albeit with attention to literature in Castilian) chosen to facilitate the encounter between readers, we begin in those territories, always known: those of dreams, the literature, and it´s the same.

    Objectives and Methodology

    It will seek to ensure students a fun and practical learning, approach them the enjoyment of this genre (based on the specific theme for, from there, opening the door to a better understanding of the general literature) and encourage the habit of reading and the acquisition of reading skills and tools to enrich their experience in the future.

    The nature of theworkshop is based on reading various literary works in relation to a subject (in this case, "the dream and the nightmare 'in the context of fantasy literature) and subsequent commissioning discussion led by the teacher. Programmed texts for reading will be announced prior to and during the sessions will be explained formal and technical characteristics, its relevance to the topic both in literary history as well as other aspects of interest may be in each case the author and the rest of his work, for example. Sessions will constantly attend to the text to achieve deep understanding of it and of the literary phenomenon that implies.



    Session 1: Dreams and the origin of the stories
    Readings: Some short stories East: "The wonderful pillow”, "The hidden deer ',' The Infinite Dream of Pao Yu."


    Session 2: Paradoxical and impossible dreams
    Readings: "The Circular Ruins" and "The Other" by Jorge Luis Borges



    Session 3: Dream Lessons
    Readings: "History of the two who dreamed" and "The Two Lives of Sultan Mahmud" (The Thousand and One Nights)



    Session 4: Delusions and other forms of dreaming
    Readings: "The night face up", "Outline of a Dream" and "The River" by Julio Cortazar.



    Session 5: Dreaming Spanish fantasy literature
    Reads: "And finally awakening" of D. Roas and "Dream # 333" Angel Olgoso.



    Session 6: Some colored nightmares
    Readings: "Nightmares" of Fredric Brown and "sick gentleman's last visit " of Giovanni Papini.



    Session 7: Latest dreams around here
    Readings: "The dream of the monster" of J. J. Muñoz Rengel and "The Merchant of bitumen" of Juan Gomez Bárcena.



    Session 8: The Big Sleep
    Reads: "Sleep" by Julian Barnes



    Dates: 2 monthly sessions, every Friday of the second and fourth week of each month (8 and March 22, 12 and 26 April, 10 and May 24, 7 and 21 June).

    Hours: 19:00 to 21:00 h.

    Duration: 16 hours

    Places: 15 seats sold.

    Audience: Aimed at anyone interested after 16 years

    Price: 34 €.

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