• APR 26 to JUL 13
    Solo Exhibition
    Teatro di Morte. Joel Peter Witkin


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 26 to JUL 13, 2018

    11,30- 14 17,30-21

    Event Location

    Two Ar Gallery

    C/ Acisclo Díaz, 7 bajo

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    • Joel-Peter Witkin


    With the name “Theatre of death”, Two Art Gallery purpose a visual tour through some of the most representative photographs of the North American artist Joel-Peter Witkin (Brooklyn, 1939), showing both his poetic living natures as well as the most controversial still lifes in a selection that covers more than forty images. His work has always been moved by that thin line that separates love from hatred, many are his followers and many others his detractors, since that mythical photography of the eighties in which two decapitated heads of two men, if we look carefully, it turns out to be the same man, they surprise us with a passionate kiss, his professional career has been involved in a sticky controversy that has led him to be banned in many occasions by museums and halls all over the world despite being one of the greatest exponents of the international photography. From that moment, he has been considered by some sectors of the art world as an uncomfortable figure, because his particular way of understanding and perceiving the image is so different from the rest that, at first sight, it scares; and not only because its protagonists are deformed people or fragments of corpses, but because their scenes show that part of life that we normally obviate and do not want to see, since it walks away from the established normality, being too hard for our modern design society. Oblivious to all this kind of absurd taboos and with total creative and intellectual freedom, the photographer unravels a universe where the grotesque acquires the value of sublime and its characters abandon their usual state of marginality to become pure art.

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