• SEP 24
    Technicolor Happening


    • Other
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 24, 2015


    Event Location

    Ace Gallery

    9430 Wilshire Boulevard
    Beverly Hills
    United States

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    • Ben Jones
    • David Utzinger
    • Marta Loj
    • Soo Yeon Lee



    Ace Gallery is hosting a major live performance event, Technicolor Happening, debuting a collaboration between contemporary artist Ben Jones and fashion designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais as well as the world premier of an original composition by David Utzinger entitled Apollonian Gasket, and a Ping-Pong performance by four table tennis stars including model, actress and table tennis champion Soo Yeon Lee.

    Ben Jones’s self-titled exhibition Ben Jones X 8 transforms Ace Gallery into an immersive space with Cinema Paintings and wall-climbing New Ladder sculptures. Investigations and celebrations of the 8-bit video medium, Jones’s Cinema Paintings combine traditional painting with video to create individual mesmerizing artworks. The works are characterized by vivid colors, geometric shapes and digital abstraction and utilize recurring visuals like bricks and ladders to construct a unique visual language. Distinctly minimalistic, Jones’s works play with the viewer’s sense of perspective, time, and place.

    Designers Wolk and Morais are known for their artistic and playful aesthetic, coupling couture tradition with American sportswear savoire faire. The pair’s West Coast presence has generated significant buzz amongst the world’s most noteworthy fashion and lifestyle editors, celebrities and tastemakers, which include loyal fans such as Jessica Chastain, Rose McGowan, Jada Pinkett Smith and Michelle Monaghan. Wolk and Morais won the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award and have been featured in top fashion publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, W, Elle, Nylon, Allure and WWD.

    Ben Jones’s and the designers’ shared color palette, sense of form and youthful joie de vivre inspired the trio to work together to produce this collaboration, which will involve the re-contextualization of the WOLK MORAIS critically acclaimed resort 2016 collection, worn by four table tennis stars, including world famous table tennis champion and model Soo Yeon Lee.

    The world premiere Apollonian Gasket by LA based composer David Utzinger was commissioned by Ace Gallery’s Douglas Chrismas in honor of Ben Jones’s exhibition. An Apollonian Gasket is a type of recursive "ring" or circle, made up of smaller circles, i.e. circles within circles. Utzinger states, “I think that patterns and loops are important to this exhibition, and recursion and loops are pretty closely related. Also, I like the word "Apollonian," which invokes thoughts of discipline and beauty, next to the word "gasket," which makes me think of cars and oil pans, and dirt. They don't have anything to do with Apollo though, they were discovered by Greek mathematcian Apollonius of Perga in the 3rd century BC.”

    Soo Yeon Lee is a world champion table tennis player as well as a model and an actress. Lee was recognized for her skills after winning six successive titles as the Korean National Junior Champion by the age of eleven, in addition to winning other international junior tournaments. Lee later played for the Korean National Team and won second place in the World University Championship in China. In 2007, she came to the United States where she won the U.S. Open Championship, after winning a number of other U.S. national tournaments.

    Soo Yeon Lee and the table tennis models will play on artworks in the form of ping pong tables created by Ben Jones, challenging each other and guests to matches. As the fashion clad table tennis players face of, Utzinger’s composition, a quadrophonic masterpiece, will resonate throughout the gallery.

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