• SEP 13 to NOV 08
    Solo Exhibition
    Temples & Religions


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 13 to NOV 08, 2014

    Event Location

    Galería Lucía Mendoza

    c/Barbara de Braganza 10

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    • Christian Voigt


    All human beings have their different ideologies and religions, the center of these philosophies are their temples.

    A temple is defined as a structure, reserved for religious or spiritual activities, such as prayer and sacrifice, or analogous rites. In my eyes a temple must not necessarily have a structure - I am very interested in places where I feel strong spirituality - and that does not have to have a religious background. The Casino is the temple for the gambler as much as the Buddhist Temple is the center for the religious monk.

    Christian Voigt, July 2014

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